The Art and Craft of Preaching Lectureship Series

The Preaching Conference Convenes at Oakwood University on February 26-29, 2012


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What are the greatest challenges facing preachers in the twenty-first century? How do we move congregations from disconnected traditional models of ministry to ones that speak pointedly to our pluralistic generation? How do we proclaim the “everlasting gospel” in ways that are relevant to contemporary culture?

To address these crucial questions, the Bradford-Cleveland-Brooks Leadership center has established an annual lectureship series on “The Art and Craft of Preaching.” This series recognizes that God’s preacher is not simply a reflector of the times, but a prophet to the times. As a prophet, he or she is called to shift congregants from lax traditionalism to active engagement in spiritual and social renewal. Indeed, it is through the preached word that the prophetic aspect of leadership finds expression.

Presenters Include

  • Dr. Ted N. C. Wilson, President, General Confrence
  • Dr. Leslie Pollard, President, Oakwood University
  • Dr. Hyveth Williams, Professor, Andrews University
  • Dr. Jose Rojas, Director, NAD
  • Dr. Neil W. Reid, Director, Central Region
  • Dr. Ivan Williams, Ministerial Area Director, NAD
  • Elder Daniel R. Jackson, President, NAD
  • Elder Deblaire Snell, Pastor, SCC
  • Dr. Charles E. Bradford, President (retired), NAD
  • Elder Joe Cirigliano, Pastor, GCC
  • Dr. Charles D. Brooks

For Information about Ellen G. White's writtings on preaching visit our Research section.









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